Delores Major
Electric Violinist
Delores Major is an electric violinist/professional musician extraordinaire. She has a style that exudes a spirit, creativity, intensity, and expertise that expands past her body and moves through her audience whether large or small, with magnetic power. Delores melds jazz improvisation with pop, rhythm and blues, rock, gospel, new age and Latin jazz with awesome creativity and soul tingling surprises. Delores is classically trained and also blessed to have jazz, rhythm and blues and gospel mentors with strong family support throughout her musical life.

Delores seems to go somewhere while performing that pulls energy, intensity, passion and soul with a powerful zest that just playing notes cannot muster. As an independent artist, Delores has produced four CDs: D Stylin’, Shout!, All Is Good and Upclose. Well prepared as a Spelman graduate in Music and receiving her Master’s degree in Music Education from Georgia State University, Delores Major has had a successful instructor/conducting career with awards and honors with the Frederick Douglass-Benjamin E. Mays High School Honor Orchestra in Atlanta, Georgia.

Delores is now expanding her community service, working for and with the Community Council of Metropolitan Atlanta Inc., donating her performance fees to the organization for our young people. Delores: “I am reaching out to assist organizations in the community that help children, families, men and women to empower them to grow, develop and empower others. I will be forever devoted to the community and individuals who need help. I know that one person can make a difference. I certainly appreciate those who have helped me.”